by Ellen
(Fairfax, VA)


I have a kitten, who will be 1 year old on April 2, 2009. He is not neutered, yet. His father was a domestic short hair, and mother was a siamese cat.

He is an indoor cat, doesnt appear to be overweight, talks ALL THE TIME, loving, affectionate, all around great cat.

This morning around 11:00 he started throwing up all over the house (more than 4 times) and did releive him self (#2) on the carpet once (he has never done that).

He has received his shots and has been dewormed.

When i got home to check on him, (i did not find the vomit) he was sitting down, purring, eyes half open and it looked like drool was comming out of his mouth. He again puked as a placed him on the floor, and when i gave him water he laid on the ground and drank it (he has never drank water laying down before).

I want to wait a day to see if this is just a bug, or if it continues to get worse i will take him to the vet.

There is nothing in my house out of the norm that i believe could have caused this, the only thing i can think of is that i dyed my hair last night and he might have inhaled the fumes?

If any of the information i have given you sounds like anything you have possibly heard before, or if you have any advice on how to make King feel the most comfortable while he isnt feeling his best would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Answer by KAte
I think you are right. Wait and see if this passes. It may just be a bug which cats can gets from time to time just like us humans.

To be honest the symptoms could be anything from a bug to eating something that didn't agree with him to a hairball or a illness yet undiagnosed. Hopefully it will pass and he will be back to his usual self soon.

If he is still the same after a day or so then the only answer is to get him checked by a vet. In the mean time make sure he has access to plenty of fresh water.

best wishes Kate

Comments for King

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Older cats: No shots/multiple shots
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry your kitty isn't feeling well. They
do need their shots when they're young; however,
I'm not sure they should be given all at once.
Several shots all at once can confuse the immune system.
When they're older than 10 years, my holistic vet and many research papers I've read say not to give shots and definitely not multiple shots. Later, animals return to the vet with a
serious problem. Owners never put two and two
Unfortunately, I didn't know this when I gave my
big very healthy 16 pound 16 year old lynx point Siamese (love of my life) shots at a traditional vet. After those shots he spiraled down hill. When I brought him back to the vet with kidney trouble, he nearly killed the vetinarian. He knew where the problem started. He later died as a result.
In your kitten's case, his immune level may have fallen because his body was dealing with different shots. Hence a cold. I don't know enough to make any recommendations but my sense is that he'll be OK.
I just wanted to pass on the information on multiple shots (maybe they always give these to kittens; however, that doesn't mean it's the thing to do even though traditional vets do it as a matter of course) and shots after age 9 or 10. Personally, I'll only use a holistic vet from now on even if I have to drive a long way--or phone
across country as I did when my lynx point needed
Take care and I hope your little sweetie feels better. I also hope someone reads this who has
an older cat.

Comment about King
by: Mary

HI Ellen
Im sorry King is feeling poorly and it is always distressing when we see our companions feeling sick and not knowing what they are feeling is hard for us as humans.
Cats do get viruses and bugs and some come as quickly as they go, however there is one VERY important thing about cats that we as feline owners must always remember.
Cats NEED a good amount of water and many times I have seen cats who are feeling poorly lay on the floor beside their bowl and drink.
Waiting 24 hours is usually ok when your cat is showing signs of illness to see if it passes but never longer than that as vomiting and poor eating or needing to lay at the water bowl for long periods of time is a sure sign they are not feeling well.
Weight loss that occurs in a sick cat can be fatal as cats cannot endure weight loss at a fast rate of time.
Does king have a fever?
If so, you need to see your vet.
Give King a big hug and lots of cuddles and if hes not feeling well after 24 hours go see your vet.
I will pray for King that tomorrow he is on the road to feeling like his old self.

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