kitten 7 weeks old not well

hi my kitten just got took from her mum yesterday she was perfectly fine n playful and today she is being really funny she has been sick 3 times and is pretty motionless and her mouth seems to b locked i have tried open it but it slaps straight shut and she is breathing very fast wot do suggest i do.

Do you know if the kitten was fully weaned from her mothers milk before they took her away? i ask as 7 weeks is a little young to be taken away from mum. Weaning normally happens over a period of weeks from week 8 to week 12.

if she is not properly weaned you will have to feed her special cat milk etc and wean her yourself. Please see this page for more on this

As for your kittens health issues. well i worry how generally healthy she is and perhaps even her mother. If the owners are not aware of good cat care then they may both have been undernourished and suffering from possible illness.

your best option is to take your kitten to see a vet urgently. Kittens can go down hill very quickly if ill and at such a young age their immune system is not at full strength.

the vet will be able to do a thorough health check and make sure that the kitten does not have cat fleas and any other signs of ill health. he will also be able to weigh her to see if she is under weight or not.

The vet is really yours and the kittens best option right now.

I would also encourage you to read through my pages about kitten care on my site as well as the pages about cat care. There is a lot more to looking after a kitten and cat than a lot of people realize. Such as when to vaccinate and also at what age they should be spayed. its a lot younger than you may think.

i hope your kitten returns to health soon.

best wishes kate

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