Kitten Attacking from behind and dislikes Padding and dislikes to be carried in hand.

by Ali

I have a 2 months old Persian female Kitten.

She is extra ordinary playful, either she is sleeping or eating otherwise playing all time. Whenever I try to pat her she rolls over and grabs my hand ..starts scratching and biting.
She also have a habit of sneaking from behind and jumps on legs, usually with claws inside and soon after this attack she runs and hide.
She also don't like to be carried in hand. If we wish to carry her then she starts to twist her body in every way possible until we let her free on the ground.


We do wish that she can allow us to pad ocassionly.

Want her to quit these sneaking attacks as they can cause accidents and can become a big problem when she grow up with stronger teeth and bigger claws.

We also wish that she can have a habit to be carried in hand so that we can take her outside also.

so far all these issues are not a problem but as she grow up then it will become a big problem and will not be easy to change her habits that time.
Kindly advice me how to solve these issues at her early age.

Answer by Kate

well your right in trying to change this behaviour at such a young age as it is much harder to change behaviour later on.

Basically she is playing but does not understand that biting and scratching is something she not do. Normally she would have learnt how to play wit her litter mates but sometimes if they are separated from them too soon they have not had enough time to learn the rules.

You will have to all be persistent with your approach to changing this behaviour. So make sure that everyone in the house hold know what to do. Please read my page about cat discipline it describes a process where she receives a negative response when she bites etc and a positive on when she does not. Here is the page
This is the best way to teach a cat as this is the language they understand i.e negative and positive reactions.

As for the picking up. well some cats hate being picked up and some don't mind. All you can do is to make sure that you are picking her up correctly, in a way which makes them feel safe. Please see this page for more details on correct picking up.

best wishes kate

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