kitten black anal leakage

by hayden

We had kittens about four weeks ago one died soon after and now four weeks later we have a small under weight kitten that is limp and barly awake but it s been drinking kitten milk from supermarket and sometimes the mother but still small and we don't know what to do we called the vet and they said to bring it in but we don't have. Car or taxi money we have been giving it water and does a weak and desprate meow they also sajd it will most likly die no matter what wedo but we are trying so if any can help thanks

Answer by Kate
This kitten may have a virus and so may be able to be saved with medication, however he may also have some birth defects which mean that he may not survive anyway. However you can't know this and so the only real thing you can do is to do your bets to get him to the vets as soon as possible.

Kittens need lots of care when they are young and may also be susceptible to many different illnesses especially if they were born weak.

i have pages about kitten care which you may also find of further help and interest. here is the first page

I hope you can get him some help soon

best wishes Kate

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