kitten brothers attacking

by claire
(brighton, UK)

i have 2, 4 month old kittens who are brothers and they do eerything together. The other day 1 of them got lost and was handed in to a cat rescue centre. I collected him the next day, and he seemed ok, perhaps not purring as much as normal but thought this was down to the stress of bing in a travel box etc. I got him home thinking his brother would be really pleased to see him, but he kept hissing at him and attacking him. Why is this? I thought it might be because the rescued kitten smelt a bit different as the rescue centre had a lot of free-roaming kittens. Can you explain this and will this phase pass? He was only missing for 1 day.

Answer by kate
yes it probably is due to the change in smell etc. This behavior will normally subside in a few days. It mayhelp to keep them a part for a day or so.

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mama cat trying to disown baby
by: Skyler

My mama cat had three baby boys who are three months old. She is now chasing, hissing, biting, and swatting away her biggest baby who was gone for a day. They are outside cats and we think our neighbors had him in their house and them put him back out. How do I get her to stop or will she not stop until he leaves? Is it the smell, and if so will she get over it in a few days? Can there be an "alpha male" in a litter of kittens and their mom wants him to leave?

Reply from Kate
yes she wants him to leave. That is the natural way. After all if she gets pregnant again she doesnt want competition from ger last litter for her new kittens.

It is now time to have your female cat spayed and to also think about having your male cats done too in about a months time. this will stop a lot of this fighting over territory.

the cat population is already very large and more cat fights, injury and disease will spread if we do not help to keep the population down.

best wishes Kate

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