Kitten Drinks Urine

by Amanda

A couple of kids dropped two 4 week old unweened kittens off at my house about 2 months ago. I found a happy home for one, but can't seem to for the other. When they were really little they would suck on each other's boy bits like a nipple. But now I've noticed that at about 12 weeks, the one I still have is doing it to himself. He's weened, eating only crunchy food, he uses the litter box consistently, he's doing everything a normal cat would do, except he is using his little boy part like a nipple, and from what I can tell, urinating into his own mouth. It's gross and I'm worried that it could be harmful.

So two questions, what can I do to make him stop? And could there be a medical issue (besides being taken from Mama too early) that is making him do it, not just a big old psychological problem?

Answer from Kate
Hi no i think this is purely down to leaving his mother too early. even at 12 weeks the urge to suckle can be strong and ts may continue for a while. All you can do is when you see hm do it distract him with some string etc and perhap offer him some cat milk. He should grow out of it.

I dont think his urine will do him much harm but the less he does it the better. the key here is to have his environment full of new and stimulating things for him to keep him occupied an happy. See this page for some ideas

best wishes kate

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4 sisters 5 weeks old
by: Anonymous

My hubby brought me a litter of 6 kittens, 2 died because they were too malnourished to save after being abandoned by mom. The 4 sisters left, one keeps sucking on the other 3 girls bits, and it's like she knows when they have to pee. She has some serious teeth and we are weening now, and she's hurting her sisters when she does this. How do we make her STOP?

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