Kitten eating everything!

I'm having a problem with my kitten where she picks up things off the floor and tries to eat them. Typical baby, right? It's Autumn and our long-haired dog (who gets groomed monthly) drags in leaves. My kitten has found that that's her new favorite thing to chew on! How do I get her to stop?

I've been upping my sweeping and taking leaves from her when I catch her, but sometimes she picks up other things that are too small for me to get in time.

I also want to keep her from staying calmer at night so she doesn't wake me up. She likes to play fetch and jumps up on the bed to give me toy while I'm asleep. She'll even play with it on the bed on top of me! It's hard for me to keep her off my bed at night so I can sleep. I'm afraid I'll roll over on her if she decides to lay down too. I can't keep her out of my bedroom since that's the only place her food and litter box can go.

Answer by Kate
To answer your first question yes it is normal for kittens to have a go at eating new things, its all part of the learning process. However you may have a cat who suffers from a condition known as Pica, this is where they eat non food stuffs. I'm afraid there is no cure for this and all you can do is as you are doing and trying to keep these things from her.

As for your night time problem, again there is no answer unless you keep them out of your room at night. i know as i have two kittens myself and have had to make sure they are kept out of my bedroom so that I can sleep. even if you manage to tire them out before bedtime they will sleep only for a few hours before they are up again playing.

best wishes kate

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