Kitten getting poop on my floor......

by Jessica
(OkC, OK, USA)

I have an about 11 week old kitten that was a rescue, she was found abandonded by herself under a house at a couple of weeks. It seems that everytime I bring her back from her vet visits she has a problem with rubbing her butt on my floor after pooping, which gets poop on my carpet. Now she will only do this for a few days after the vet visit and the day of the visit. I know that she does not have worms, she was checked by the vet before I brought her home, trust me I asked them to be very sure because I have a 2 year old, and they give her the de-wormer just to be safe everytime we go in. So Im not understanding why she is doing this. I check her on a daily basis to make sure that she doesnt have worms and I check her poop to see if there is anything there, but there never is. I am really hoping that you can tell me something that I can do to put a stop to this so that I dont have to get rid of her, because I really dont want to but Im starting to run out of options.

Thanks so much....

Answer by Kate
So she only does this when she comes back from the vets. So this is not a problem that affects you on a daily basis. Many would say lucky you.

I would say that the best way to tackle this would be to confine her to a small room with her litter tray, bed and fresh water for a few days after she returns from the vets, preferably a room with no carpet. this will help in two ways, firstly it will over time help to break the cycle/routine of this behaviour after a vets visits and also it will allow her to settle down again after her stressful visit in a smaller area (easier to have to deal with and less stressful).

this method is often used for cats who regularly have litter box problems, it is not cruel in any way, it simply gives the cat time to settle back down, become familiar with their litter tray again and allow habits to be broken.

Always feed your kitten out of the room as food and litter should never be associated with each other.

I'm sure that if you follow this routine every time that she will eventually grow out of the habit.

best wishes kate

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