Kitten Harrassing older Cat

by Kim

My kitten Leo is a neutered going on 9months will be 1 in october and he wont seem to leave our other cat Missy Alone. Missy will be 2 in November - she's also spayed. They never have really been best buddies but Leo will harrass and chase her whenever she comes in (shes mostly outdoor as she's my parents cat and leo is indoor unless on harness as he's mine) Sometimes they will sniff noses but in the end Missy is always hissing at him giving him swats, growling or pretty much telling him to back off and he doesnt. I would love him to have another cat his own age to play with but its not in the finances and since i'm living with my parents they wont allow another cat either. Is this just play, territorial or what? Missy was first bought with her brother (who looked very similar to Leo in color) and they got along fine until he was hit by a car, I understand litter mates get along better and I know some cats just dont get along but wondering why Leo would always be sniffing her butt when she's trying to eat or sitting up and egging her on for a fight and then chasing her when she's obviously telling him she doesnt want to play....?

Basically he wants to play. he is a young at full of energy and he wants to play.

I have a similar situation. I have two brothers whoa re two. One loves to play the other is not so keen. And so no matter how many times this happens Shelley will always keep on at his brother for a game, who 9 times out of 10 will hiss and bat him. thats just the way it is and is natural cat behavior.

I really wouldn't worry about it. cats will sort their own situations out with each other and if he is happy to continue the risk of getting swatted and hissed at he will keep doing it. She on the hand will have to decide to play with im or keep warning him off. Its just the way of things and is nothing to worry about.

things will change over time as they get older anyway.

best wishes kate

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Super kitten
by: KevinJohnson

This is basically the same thing happening to me, my 11 week old kitten is doing a full body face plants on my 6 year old male cat.

He'll grow out of it. I hope.

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