Kitten making wierd noise when breathing.

by Jennifer

My kitten was found on May 29, 2009 he has a sister also. They were left to die on the side of a road, they weren't winged yet. I took them in and I've been taking care of them. They were very afraid of people at first but seem to be comming around.But the boy which is bigger than his sister seems to be having some problems. He became very distant, would run away and hide from everyone and everthing. Today I noticed that when he's breathing he's making a funny noise. He's been following me around which is good but I can't get him into vet, they are booked solid. Is there anything I can do until we can get into vet??? Would a vaporizer help him??? He's still eating and drinking. He was in the bath tub the other morning, my fiance didnt realize until after the shower had been runnin and he went to get in.. So could he have asperated some water????? I really need help. I love animals and I've fought hard to save him!!!

Answer by Kate
to be honest with you I couldn't really say if a vapourisor will help or not but it couldn't hurt, so give it a try.
Make sure they get plenty to drink as dehydration is always a danger.
Keep them comfortable and warm and hopefully they will be fine until you can get him to a vet.
Also find out if there are any animal charities in your area who can advise if the vets is fully booked.

best wishes and I really hope all works out well.

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My 11 yr old cat recently makes strange sound when he purrs
by: Lainey

My 11 yr old cat has recently started making strange sounds when he purrs, sort of sounds like a character from movie Gremlins, sometimes sounds like wheezing when breathing out only. Hopefully nothing serious, was suggested by vet to try giving him l-lysine. Sometimes he sounds better. He doesn't seem to mind it either. I just break open capsule and mix in his wet food. He doesn't seem to notice it. Get them at health food store.
Does anyone have any suggestions what may be wrong with my guy?

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