Kitten meows all day, could he be sick?

by Gina

I just got a kitten, I think he is between 4 and 5 months old. He was brought back from my son's grandfathers farm. His grandfather had its shots and had him neutered. He is eating well, goes to the bathroom several times a day and naps. I feed him dry kitten food and plenty of water. He meows constantly, and at first I thought it may be because he was use to being outdoors and I have kept him indoors. I am now starting to wonder if he is sick and not feeling well. He is getting a lot of attention from us, so I don't think he is lonely. He just meows all the time. Another thing is he is very gassy. I know I should probably take him to a vet but with expenses kind of tight right now, I was hoping I could wait until the first of the month, which is a couple of weeks away. Do you think it could be anything serious?

Thank you, Gina

Answer by KAte
Hi no i don't think it is anything serious and I think waiting for a few weeks before you have him checked out by a vet will be fine.

cats meow for all sorts of reasons and in this case it could be that he is still finding his feet in his new home etc and is using the meowing as a sort of comforter for himself and also to get as much attention from you as possible. he may also be finding it a little hard adapting to a totally inside life, it can take some time, but he is young so he should adapt.

kittens can suffer from tummy troubles and sometimes it can be a fine balance of the type of food they eat to make sure they do not get tummy upsets etc. But i think your right to take him to the vets for a check up.

I have a web page about cat meowing behaviour which you may find of interest here

best wishes Kate

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