Kitten not as active as before

by christine
(buckinghamshire, UK)

We have a lively 8 week old kitten, recently treated at the vet with antibiotics for a bug. This cleared up and we bought him home and has been fine for the last 5 days, playing and getting into mischeif. But today he has been lying on the couch all day, happy but not running around as usual. He is still eating and seems happy but not hes usual self. Could you give me some advice please. Thankyou.

Answer from Kate
I wouldn't worry just yet. Cats and even kittens can have days where by they simply are not as active. I have two young cats who even as kittens would have days where they just wanted to sleep. usually this only lasted for a day or two.

if he still seems unlike himself after a couple of days or if other symptoms appear then perhaps a double check with the vet in case the bug has returned and he needs a second dose of antibiotics.

Remember as a kitten his immune system is still developing.

best wishes Kate

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Kitten Not Active Like Usual
by: KAT


I have a homeless kitten(named chubby)that always around my back patio playing with his/her others 3 kittens. It has been a week already that he/she not active anymore, no appetite, and keep vomiting with clear liquid but if he/she eating then he/she threw up with kitten food. He/she usually run away from me when I come closer but this time he/she's not running anymore when I come closer and touch him/her instead he/she just sit still then looked at me. Is he/she sick or what happening...? I am think of taking him/her to the vet. I feel so bad seeing him/her like that...

YES please take to the vets as soon as possible. Something is definitely not right here and the sooner she can be seen the better the outcome.

good luck

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