Kitten Poop Sticky stinky gooey bloody

by William Moore

When I first had my kitten I saw that his butt looked like it was swollen and ignored it. I noticed that he had very sticky moist poop. Just assumed this was because he was a kitten. Then I noticed blood at some point in the stool twice. I took him to the vet and found that he had no diseases or parasites. They gave me wet food. The blood was gone but now the soft poo had gotten worse. Its almost like he has no fiber. So I tried Iams cat food, didn't work. Now I am trying natural choice complete care for kittens. I have only used this for one day and I still don't see a improvement. I have a self cleaning litter box but his poo is so sticky that it just sticks to the gate that cleans the poo. So the self cleaning feature don't even work!

Answer by Kate
Hi sounds to me like your kittens tummy needs a day or so to recover and the best way to do this is to keep their diet very simple indeed. See this page for more details on this

Diarrhea is very common in kittens and if the vet has found nothing physically wrong then it is just a case if trying to settle down the digestion.

Hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Sticky stool
by: Anonymous

Try adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil throughout the day. Also, ¼ teaspoon of Miralax twice a day in wet food works wonders. I have a cat that was found at our local dump. My vet thinks she was abused and had a pelvic fracture that did not heal properly. During the first year she needed disempaction under anesthesia four times. She was already on Cisapride and Miralax with poor effectiveness. A friend of a friend suggested olive oil and it is a miracle. She is pooping with no problems and no expensive vet bills.

Smelly stool
by: Anonymous

Has your cat been checked for giardia? Need to have a special stool sample done.

by: William Moore

Hey its about a year later and its still no better. Hes no longer a kitten and vets couldnt figure it out and it costs to much for them to just say hes ok and charge me 300 dollars. The smell is so bad.. horrible disgusting. He still often has blood in his stool and has diarrea. His weight is normal and his eating habits are fine. Vets say he has no parasite or diseases. So I assumed he has ibs. I now feed him evo cat food only found at private owned pet stores. Its a very high grade cat food. Hes been on it for about a month and it isnt working. I just hope he magically get fixed by this point. I dont think I can stand the smell any longer but I cant get rid of him either...

Comment by Kate
I'm sorry to hear that he is still not right.

I was wondering if you had tried any digestive supplements for him. i am sufferer of IBS and found that digestive supplements helped me.

See this page about cat supplements there is also a link to a good supplier of supplements for acts etc, they may have something that might help. hope so, i know how stinky cat poop can be.

here is the page

best wishes kate

Foul smelling cat poop
by: Anonymous

I adopted my kitten from the humane society and have now had him for about 2 months. Never in all my life have I smelled anything as foul as his stool!!! It is soft, bloody and has an ungodly foul stench that smells up the house from one end to the other! I have switched foods around (all vet reccomended foods) added and taken away foods to try and correct the issue all to no avail! My cat has been de wormed and has no parasites. I am at my wits end! I just need to stress once more just how foul this odor is!!!! Please if you have any advice, I will try anything!!

Answer by Kate
try a few days of a very simple plain diet to allow the cats digestive system to settle down then reintroduce normal cat food slowly over a few days. please see this page for more on this
If this does not help then your only option will be to take him to see the vet again but hopefully this won't be necessary. i know what you mean about the smell, when i got my two kittens earlier this year the house was almost a no go area without a gas mask ;).

best wishes Kate

Thank You
by: William

Thanks for the advice I will try it. I also donated some money for answering my question.

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