Kitten Potty Issue

by Jenny

I recently got a kitten she is 3-4 months old. She uses her litter box regularly and her feces seem to be normal. She loves to be close to me but I began noticing a fowl smell. I looked at her rear and she now is always having dried poo on her butt. It's became a problem because she has gotten it on my furniture and bedding. Is she still learning how to clean herself? or should I be concerned? Because other than the dried poo on her rear...she acts like a normal kitten. I don't want to get rid of her if this is something we can fix or will change in time.

Jenny and Calypso Kitty (=

Answer by Kate
hi well this sounds like either she has not learned to clean herself properly yet or she may be having loose stools.

cats are very clean animals and do not like to be dirty, so it is unusual for this to happen. Sometimes older or fatter cats who have difficulty reaching that area have problems like this.

for the time being i would just keep an eye on her and after she uses the litter tray see if she cleans herself and if not perhaps give her a helping hand. if it continues then it may be an idea to see a vet in case she does have tummy troubles etc.

best wishes kate

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about my cat
by: nancy hernandez

well,this question is for 1 of my cats:he will not eat catfood.i would put it down for myother cat which doesnt have a problem eating catfood.but the one im writing u about.he will not touch catfood.he sticks his nose up to it.the only thing this cat will eat is ham.myhusband everyday after work.has to go to the store and buy him ham.i cant just let mycat starve.he wont even eat cat beginning to think this cats part anybody have any suggestions.

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