Kitten pulling chucks of fur out

by Elizabeth A. lee

My 4-5 month old male kitten Kiisu is pulling huge chunks of his fur out when he cleans himself leaving bald spots.

i have given him a bath and he has a flea collar to keep the fleas away and the collar doesnt do anything fr the fleas he still has fleas.

are the fleas why hes losing the fur?
or is it something else? i cant afford a vet visit so i need some help with this.

I adopted him from our local petsmart.
had him for a month now.

Please help me i dont like to see my babies sick.

Elizabeth lee

Answer by Kate
yes if your cat still has fleas then this could be why he is pulling his fur out. this is a definite sign that a cat is in distress possibly caused by irritations to the skin or flea bites.

cat flea collars are not recommend as they are not the best at getting rid of fleas and in some cases can actually cause the cat some harm. your best option is to use the spot on treatments, however you will need to make sure you use a good quality one as some of the cheaper ones are not good at all. Advatage or frontline are available at pet shops or cheaper online. you will also have to treat your home at the same time.

i have some information pages on my site which I think you will find of further help

best wishes Kate

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