Kitten refuses to eat

by Jessica

I just got a 8-11 week old kitten from the humane society as a companion to our other kitten. He seemed to be healthy and happy, but the last few days he hasn't been eating or going to the bathroom much. I tried giving him some wet food thinking he'd be more inclined to eat but he just stiffs at it and stares at it as if he can't eat it.

I haven't really seen him go to the bathroom either although the cat pan is always full at the end of the day. We did move the food bowl to the other side of the kitchen, do you think this could be the cause?
He plays with the other kitten and will still chase the laser pointer so I'm not sure what is going on.

Answer by Kate
yes food bowls etc need to be far away from any litter trays as cats don't like to associate their food with their litter, well who would :)

Kittens can become constipated and it may be that this is what has happened, make sure he gets plenty of water to try and help him. Also offer some food on your finger to him to see if he will take that from you.

if this goes on for another few days then I would recommend that you take him to the vets to be seen. there may be a blockage or he may just be feeling under the weather but it is better to be safe than sorry i feel.

i have a page on my site about cat constipation which you may find of further information here

Hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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