kitten theft

my cat had kittens gave all away except one male its now about 4mth cat had kittens again their about 2/3 weeks old the 4mth old one has now started going in basket and taking kitten in mouth and walking with it when i first seen it i got kitten and put it back now i find the 4mth old one keeps repeating this why? are the kittens in any danger is it being maternal what should i do

Answer by Kate

first of all i feel so sorry for the mum cat, to have two litter so close together will be wearing her out and can eventually weaken her health and the health of any kittens she may have. It is important that she is is either spayed as soon as she has weaned her kittens around 8 to 12 weeks old or to keep her away from male cats.

as for the behavior of your 4 month old. well I would say the kittens are not in danger but it sounds like the male cat is being protective of them. Picking up and moving kittens is something a mother cat would do if she felt that where they were was not safe.

The behavior should only be a temporary one. But remember male cats will need neutering around now before any aggression and of course unwanted mating begins.

please see my page here for more on this

bet wishes Kate

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