kitten training..

ellie...taken about a month ago

ellie...taken about a month ago

my kitten is now 6 1/2 mths old and she loves being outside with my elder well as on her i was wondering how i could start training her to go to the loo outside.....

also, why does she poop upto 10 times a day and lately they are all runny...she has kitten food. she drinks a lot of water...and sometimes she has poop leakages...EG when she jumps up to sit on my lap.....
i am hoping you can answer all if not some of my queries...thank you in advance..

Answer by KAte
Ok firstly your kitten should not be going to the loo that often in a day, she is also probably drinking a lot because she is dehydrated by it.

This indicates a stomach upset due to either her food or to some underlining illness. Can I suggest that you follow the process for cat diarrhoea for a few days i.e feed a simple plain diet (here is the web page ) To see if her symptoms can settle down before returning her to perhaps a another brand of cat food. perhaps giving her half wet food and half dry food mixed together will help her digestion slow down. However if the symptoms persist I would suggest that she needs to see the vets in case their is some underlining illness causing the diarrhoea.

As for training her to use the loo outside. Simply always let her out after her meals. this is normally when they want to go. After breakfast and after supper are the two you must get into the habit of following. She will soon learn to go outside rather than use the litter tray.

She certainly looks likes lots of fun and energy. I bet she gives you lots of joy.

best wishes and I hope the tummy trouble are sorted out soon.

best wishes KAte

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by: julia...

Thanks ever so much for your advice...i will proceed as directed.....
i do mix her food, dry and meat, but whilst waiting on your reply, i have omitted the meat....
and you are right, she is so much fun and is soooo intelligent...she's a little minx but in a good way....
Thank you again...i will keep you informed of any

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