kitten trouble!

by kitten owner

Hi, my cat (well actually a stray we have been feeding) had a litter of 3 kittens. We have been taking care of them and they are now about 5 weeks. Today, one of my kittens got into adult cat food. Her stomach seemed bigger, I don't know if this was just because of her eating so much adult food. I also noticed her legs were a bit shaky. I was wondering why this was so. Please help!

Answer by Kate
Hi well it is very difficult to say if there is anything actually wrong with the kitten or if she just had too much food at once which has made her feel uncomfortable and unsteady.

if I were you I would just keep an eye on her for a day or so to see if she recovers and if she is also able to go to the loo etc as it may be constipation which has caused her tummy to be big (it would make you unstable on your legs too I would imagine).

if you believe she is ill or constipated then because she is so young a trip to the vets would be urgently needed.

I do have some web pages here on the site about general kitten care and also one about cat constipation which you may find of further help. here they are

best wishes Kate

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Mama Cat
by: Anonymous

We had a kitten come to us last summer and adopted out house. Slowly we began letting her in. To make a long story short she showed up pregnant and had two kittens 10 weeks ago. We paid to have her spayed and vaccinated 8 days ago. She ran out the door this morning. She won't come when I call her. Do you think she will come back after exploring? I plan on letting her be an indoor/outdoor cat because she looks longingly outside and the vet said keep her in for at least 8 days. I have done all that.

by: writer of kitten trouble!

thank you so much for your help!

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