kitten with greenish diarrea

My 14 week old kitten has just started today to have green diarrea up untill today he has been fine very healthy, do you think he needs to be wormed as we havent wormed him yet he does not have any fleas.

Answer by Kate
Kittens digestive systems can be very delicate during the first few months of life and this sort of problem is common. It is usually something to do with diet or a tummy upset.

It is best to try and treat the diarrhea for a day or so to see if the problem eases. if it does not then it may be advisable to go to the vets as kittens can be prone to illness early on.

Please see my web pages about the causes of diarrhea and the treatments here are the links

As for worming again it is best to check with the vet as they usually recommend that the cat is wormed when they have their vaccinations which is around this time.

best wishes and i hope the kitten is better soon

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All better now
by: Sarah

Thankyou for your advice, I did have some panacur paste from when the kittens were very little so tried it and it worked no more green diarrea all better. Its quite a long story but basically we bought a pregnant female cat (unbeknown to us) and Ted is one of the 5 kittens she had, we had lots of problems with the mother cat and diarrea spent nearly 500 pounds on vet care for her all to no avail so I was a bit reluctant to take him too the vet having had such a bad experience with them, I ended up making her better by cooking fresh chicken everyday for a month and then putting her on Hills science diet sensitive stomach food. Ted is also on Hills kitten food, which I think is an excellent brand of food. Mother cat Mitzi is just about too go out for the first time in 6 months as she was spayed 2 weeks ago, finally my home is returning to normal all the kittens except ted have been rehomed and the moral of this story is shop around for a vet and see if you can get a vet that is recomended not just one that is local. Thanks again for your advice it has been a very fraught xmas with no money and plenty of stress and now Ted is fine hopefully things will get back to some normality.

comment by kate
great to hear that he is better now. Often feeding them plain food like chicken can help settle their systems down, so you did the right thing with mm etc.

best wishes Kate

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