Kitten with poorly tummy


Hi there. We have just got a new kitten 2 days ago, she is 8 weeks old. Every time she has gone to the toilet, it has been diarrhea and beige in colour. I would guess it was change in food, but she went before she ate anything here and it was the same. Do I need to go to the vet?

Also she "scoots" on the floor all the time, do you think this is to clean her bum or because she could be itchy? I was told that she was flea-ed and wormed, but she was from a private seller so I'd have to take his word for it. I have looked around the bum and looked at her droppings, I do not see any worms. I am particularly weary as we have a baby in the house!!

This is our first cat so I have no experience, she seems a little uncomfortable as she walks with her bum in the air and her legs apart (sort of waddly) when shes on her way to the litter tray. What causes poorly tummy? many thanks

My advice would be to definitely take her to see a vet. When ever you get a new cat or kitten especially from a private seller you need to have their health checked anyway. You simply don't know what could be going on and the very least you will be given peace of mind and clean sheet to start your life together with your new kitten.

At 8 weeks she is a little young to even be away from her mum. Normally kittens are weaned between week 7 and week 12 and should really be kept with their mum until then. It may be that she still needs kitten milk for awhile longer. But as i say the vet will be able to advise on her general condition and her food requirements.

i have lots of pages about kitten care on my site which you may find of further help and interest . here is the first page

best wishes kate

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