Kitten with runny behind

by Wendy

My cat had a litter of siamese kittens. They will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. I am reluctant to go to the vet, as another kitten was there recently and iit cost ALOT of money.... Anyway, i came home earlier tonight and there was what looked like a kind of thick runny, sticky, orange coloured poo in the kittening pen. I was able to identify which kitten it was by looking at their bums and found a kitten to have a similar colour around the area. They have been eating a variety of foods, wet packet food, water, dry food with food, little amounts of lactol to supplement what mummy cat has been feeding, chicken, raw mince etc. I cannot think of any more information, but if you need any please do not hesitate to contact me, Thank You ind advance, W

Answer by KAte
sadly vets bills are expensive, i suppose it's just like private medical care for humans. the trouble is cats will get sick and as i have myself found out in the past the bets thing to do is to get some insurance. i know it sounds like an extra expense but believe me when i was faced with a £1,500 bill with my last cat, boy was i glad i was covered.

Any way as for you current problem. cat diarrhoea is not uncommon especially in kitten when their digestive system s are still settling down. the danger is from dehydration which can happen fast and can finish a kitten off within a day of so, so make sure they have plenty to drink if possible.

if the diarrhoea is just caused by a little tummy upset which needs time to settle down the best thing to do is to rest their systems, advice about this can be found on my web page here

If the problem persists then there may be other more serious illnesses involved and I'm afraid only a vet will be able to help you here.

best wishes and i hope you enjoy your new furry family.


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