kitten with smushy ball on her tummy

by sherrie harrison

my kitten that is like a month and a week has a smushy ball on her tummy what could of caused it

Answer by Kate
Hi Sherrie
Well I'm not too sure what you mean really. If it is something on her fur then it may just be something cause in it like faeces or food or if she is long haired it may be a fur matt forming. in any of these case it needs to be removed either by bathing or cutting the matted fur away gently 9if it is a bad matt then a vet or groomer will have to do it as it can be very painful.

if you mean she has a lump on the inside then I would not like to say what it is but it must be seen urgently by a vet as sometimes kittens can be born with internal defects.

best wishes and I hope all is well soon

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