Kitty Cat Video
Byron Loves His Ikea Toy Mouse

This kitty cat video shows Byron our Black and white kitty playing with his white (well grey now) toy mouse.

 Little tip, we have found that our cats do not like those little mice that you can buy from the pet store. Instead they prefer larger softer mice which currently IKEA are selling as toys for children. We have now bought over ten of them and our friends and neighbours have also bought them for their cats.

So if you find your cat is not interested in the little mice it might be worth keeping an eye out for softer bigger ones somewhere. They are great for tossing in the air and ripping the throat out of apparently according to Byron our cat.

This video shows Byron’s favourite past time of torturing this toy mouse (thank goodness it’s not real, messy). He can often be seen running round the house with the mouse in his mouth. The mouse seems to be a very well played with toy and we have found this mouse everywhere for instance we have found it:

  • In our bed
  • In his water bowl
  • On the Flat roof
  • On the bird feeder table
  • In the bath
  • Under the fridge
  • In neighbours garden

Let’s just say that mouse has been everywhere. We even had to dig it out of the frozen snow and thaw it out last December. We were even considering putting some sun tan lotion on it in the summer as Byron seems to love to take it outside on really hot sunny days.

Cat toys are very important especially if your cat is an inside only cat. it helps to stimulate them and keeps them happy and content. A cats instincts to chase and bite prey remains in the domestic cat and it needs somewhere to be expressed to ensure your cat remains happy.

Here is Byron’s kitty video having fun all on his own and in a world of his own. Bless him.

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