Kitty cries all night, but nothing changed

by KK~
(Chicago, il)

I have a 1 yr kitten and a 2 yr old kitten, they get along great but at night when I go to bed the little one will jump on my night stand and cry in my face! if i try to pet him he doesnt want me to touch him and if i get up he runs out of the room and hides and wont come out and play. he does this when I go to bed and again about 4 or 5am and will do it for hours! I'm tired and have tried locking him out of the bedroom, but the older cat can open doors, tried feeding them before bed time, given him cat nip before bed time if i try and play with him, he wants NOTHING to do with me till i go to bed.they have SO many toys and a big cat tree, lots of room to run. I even tried sleeping on my couch in the living room this worked for a few days but now he started meowing again in my face. he plays with the other cat all the time, I read other people with this problem but I have not moved and he only started doing this 4 months ago nothing has changed and ONLY during the week, he does not do this on the weekends, I do stay up later but he doesnt want to play with me. and he HAS to lick my nose and will "dig" at my face till he gets to my nose!My boyfriend comes over on the weekend which maybe he misses him, he loves to play with my bf but not me :( I get 3 hours of sleep every night I really cant have this keep going on... help me!

Answer by Kate
Night time is the natural time for cats to be alert and ant to hunt and play etc. So this behavior is completely normal. My own cat has a similar issue.
Unfortunately there are no quick or simple answers to this problem apart from locking them in a separate room (one which they can't get out or) with their bed and toys etc over night. They will get used to this over time. It is not cruel as they will be comfortable and safe and have things to do. the simple trueth is that cats do not understand that we humans need to sleep at night and no matter how hard we try to tell them, they just don't get it. So I'm afraid that is the only real answer. Please see my page about cat meowing for some more information here

best wishes Kate

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