Kitty Grass For Our Boys
7th Nov

by Kate

The Kitty Grass At The Cats Feeding Bowls

The Kitty Grass At The Cats Feeding Bowls

Kitty Grass For Our Boys

What you may be asking yourself is kitty grass and why on earth would you buy it for your cats? Well call us soft but we like to make sure our cats get everything they like and one thing they do like is munching on the grass in the garden in the summer.
Shelley in particular is a grass muncher, I assume he gets some of his moisture from it as he doesn't like to drink from bowls very much. It also helps with a cats digestion, helps them shift hair balls and is generally a nice sweet snack from time to time.

Well now that winter is upon us and the cats don't want to go outside much we felt that it would be a nice idea to buy some kitty grass for the cats which they can munch on inside during the cold months.

Kitty grass can be bought in seed form and also in small pots which is what we did. It is easy to look after, it just needs to be kept moist and get some sunlight and it stays tall and green.

It is not like catnip and so does not have any neurological effect on the cats, it's simply something nice for them to nibble on.

We have placed the kitty grass near to the boys food bowls and Shelley in particular likes to have a little much on it a few minutes after finishing his meal.

We bought our little pot at a nearby market for £3 but it can also be bought online at Amazon, Here is just one they sell Cat-A'bout Multi-Cat CatGrass Plus Tub 150 grams by MiracleCorp/Gimborn

Lets hope it helps to make winter little easier for my cats to get through. They really hate the cold and not being able to spend long outside chasing leaves etc.

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