Kitty's acting strange

by Rosetta

I have recently acquired a stray female cat, she's about 5 years old and I'm pretty sure she hasn't been spayed. For the past week or so, she's been eating a lot, and she's been very friendly towards me and the dogs. In the past 24 hours, she's been meowing a lot and walking around half-crouched, dragging her stomach on the floor with her butt in the air. She also hasn't eaten hardly anything today and just can't seem to get comfortable (pacing a lot). She gets a little grumpy when I touch her stomach, and I'm wondering if she's just in heat or if maybe she's pregnant and getting ready to have kittens. She does have a slightly bigger stomach than she did when I first got her, but that could simply be because of the fact that she's getting actual cat food instead of just whatever she could find outside. I haven't had a female cat since I was a kid, so I don't know if this is normal for them being in heat or not. Everything I've read seems to say that's what it is, but because of her appetite changes, I'm not so sure. So my question is, do you think this sounds like she's just in heat or could she be pregnant?

Answer from KAte
Hi the simple answer is yes and yes. what i mean is that her behavior could be either. Often this over affectionate and vocal behavior is attributed to both being in heat and or being ready to give birth. there really is no easy answer to this but if you say she has a round belly then my guess would be that i think she could be pregnant.

In either case it is in your and the cats best interest to take her to see a vet as soon as you can. If she is just in heat then having her spayed as soon as you can would be best and if she is pregnant then at least the vet can give her a health check as stray cats can be a little weaker and prone to fleas and or worms and so would need some treatment.

best wishes Kate

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