Kitty's Motor Oil Bath

by Lina
(Ventura, California)

So, my cat was found covered in motor oil, and he has probably been covered in it for a good two hours or so. I ran to the store to pick up some Dawn dishwashing soap to wash him (or attempt to wash him, as he dug his claw deep into my denim-covered leg).

We couldn't really clean his little face very well. and his paws still have a lot left in between despite repeated washes. I called the vet, and was told to just cover his paws in peanut butter and let him lick it off, and to watch for any vomiting or diarrhea. Just a few minutes ago, he began making odd noises, and seemed ready to purge, but stopped short of actually vomiting

So, to get down the the questions:
1. How reliable is the peanut butter method? Wouldn't letting the cat lick its paws make him ingest more of it?

2. Is two hours enough time to make this fatal for him?

Answer from KAte
Um I wouldn't think that getting the cat to lick off the oil would be a very good solution.

As for the time limit well it all depends on how much oil your cat may have digested. Hopefully not enough to be fatal perhaps he will feel under the weather for a few days. Make sure he has plenty of fresh water to drink to help flush his system or perhaps even make him sick.

You could try some baby powder to try and soak up the oil and then brushing it out.

i think sometimes in situations like this it is just a case of repeated baths until the worst of it is out.

Hope you can get it out soon

best wishes Kate

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