Leo The Cat

leo the cat - My name is Chantel and this is my cat

Male. I don't know his age. he lives with me in Hillsboro, United States.

His favourite food is: Cat Chow

This is what I like doing the best: Climbing trees/sleeping on the limbs

His funny habits are: He circles around three times licks her right paw once then lays down to sleep EVERY time.

How I found my cat: He was a rescued cat.

His name is Leo because his pattern like all Bengal cats is a leopard pattern. He is my cat mostly my dad and brother hate cats but mom let me keep him. He was a rescued kitty.

I found him in a cardboard box floating down our creek behind our house. He was just a kitten then. He was in pretty good shape except he had fleas which we treated.

Now I have a personal organization of rescuing cats just like Leo!

How I found leo the cat: My best friend gave her to me after getting her from a lady who couldn't keep her as the mother cat was attacking her. She was 7 months at the time

Bren is the first cat I have ever had and she is beautiful in every way. My husband of 44 years died in 2003 and I was left to live alone.

This was a very lonely time and my best friend suggested I get a cat. He found me Bren, who was 7 months old and unwanted by her owner as the mother cat had begun to reject her.

Bren is now almost 2 years old and is small and white with black patches on her back and a black tail. Her most noticeable feature is that she has one green eye and one blue.

She is a house cat as she had never been outside when I got her and shis very nervous. I love her very much and she is the alpha female in this house of two. I was amused to watch the video clip of Simon's Cat as I go through that every morning, without of course the baseball bat.

Leo's friends.

Leo has a girlfriend that comes over a lot! They spend most of there time outside climbing trees and playing together she's a calico cat she's my neighbor kitty. Her name is Bubbles. She is the most shyest kitty out there! The only person she's not shy around is her owner. She is the complete oppsite of Leo! Leo is loud and some times abnoxious but Bubbles is shy and sweet. I just can't seem to figure out how they get along so well! Leo is a very big outdoorscat He lives at "The Leo Palace" (back porch) We keep the back door leading to outside cracked 24/7 since it's so hot we also have a fan out there and every morning if you go look out on the back porch really early in the morning you'll see Bubbles in there. They snuggle it's just the cutest thing you'll EVER see! But I can't seem to get a picture everytime I go look she'll here me and be out of the door faster then you can say cat! But I did manage to get at least a picture of her alone. He also has other friends there's Brick (my other kitty), Chance, Opera, Lala, & Kat

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