Leon Needs Your Help

by Abigail

He loves being the center of my attention!

He loves being the center of my attention!

I need some help! My young ,un-fixed, male cat has been having some problems. When we got him, he was just fine with using his litter box. But recently, he has had uncrotrolable(i asume he doesn't mean it) diareah. We had isolated him for a few days, putting him on a bland diet. It helped, and he was over the problem. But recently, he has started going to the bathroom on the floor around the house. His stool was some-what loose, but has gotton fuller lately. His bum looks irritated and inflamed. Just today he pooped (and peed) in front of my mother. She is not very happy at all, and wants to get rid of him if this doesn't stop. I am really upset, because i had lost a cat with a simular peronality as Leon's before we had moved to town (about 3 years ago). I had finaly found the right kitty to adopt when found Leon, and I really don't want to give up anouther important cat in my life. Please help!

Oh, and we have a dog. Leon and Benjimen get along GREAT. they are best friends, but Benji likes to play rough and bite Leon (mostly on his tummy and head). Leon doesn't mind, but would this motivate any reason for Leon to be this way?...Just wondering...

Thank you so so much,

Answer by KAte
Ok first of all you must take him to the vets to have the problem looked into properly. if his rear end looks sore then he must be in some discomfort and could need medication to clear the problem up.

The only other cause of cats urinating and pooping in other areas of the house is behavioural ie something is upsetting the cat. they do not do this kind of thing to be bad etc there is always a reason. Please see my page here for possible causes https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-urine.html

However in this case it does sound like he has a medical condition that needs to be sorted out by the vet. the sooner you can do this the better for you and your familys sake and more importantly for your cats sake.

best wishes Kate

P.S. I am very sorry I didn't donate. I don't have any money or a credit card. I will understand if you don't give advise back.

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