lethargic cat not eating

by Tracy
(Phoenix Az. U.S.A.)

Our kitten has not eaten for 3 days and she seems to be losing weight. She has had Diahrea and vomits up water. Took her to a Banfield clinic and she was tested for Leukemia and Feline aids. Those came back negative. Please help!!! We just want our Baby back. She walks very slowly when she walks, and she does not have the energy to much of anything. I cannot afford another visit to the Vet.

Thank You

Answer by Kate
I am so sorry to hear that your cat is sick however I'm afraid that it is vital that you take her back to see the vets a soon as possible. With her symptoms dehydration can set in quickly and this is a killer.

There is no way for you to know what it could be that is causing her the sickness. She may have eaten something poisonous, some plants are poisonous to cats as well as chocolate and also chemicals. there may be an infection etc etc the only way to know for sure is for the vet to do some more investigation and also treat her fro her diarrhea and vomiting.

I'm sorry but owning a cat or any pet is never cheap that is why I always suggest that owners invest in pet insurance. It has saved me many times.


i hope you can find out what is wrong with her soon.

best wishes Kate

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Please help me
by: Lexxi

The same thing is happening with my cat. He puts his brad back with mouth kinda open and multiple sneezes like little spasms. Lethargic and is not eating or drinking very much. He will seem like he's getting better like getting up walking around a little bit. He ate once some soft cat food and ive been giving him water with pedia light for electrolytes..but im going to try to just give him water without the Pedia I it. Im just dip lost because it came of of no where with him acting like this and its been 3 days he's been on the couch. Can you please help me? I so very worried..

Thank you

My four month old cat is not eating
by: Andrea

My cat (Haku) is a very playful full of energy cat, but these past two days he's lost his appetite and has like a watery stool. He also seems like he's having a hard time to drink water. I'm afraid he might of ate something or swallowed something. He seems like he wants to eat but then he smells and walks away as well as he gets thirsty comes close to his water bowl lays right next to it and drinks one lick at a time. I'm super concern.

by: Anonymous

Could you please tell me what treatment you gave to your cat that she got better..because my cat is going through the same situation please tell me as soon as possible.

she's healthy now
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your info Kate. She's all better now and back to her sweet self. Thank You Again

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