Litter box issues

by Andrea
(Louisville, KY)

This is our first kitten and we are having litter box issues. We just got a new 12 week old kitten from the shelter. The cat is very social and friendly. We have one problem, the kitten will not poop in the litter box. She will pee in the litter box but for some reason will find everywhere else to poop. She even pooped in the sink. We confined her to our bathroom with a litter box and she still will not poop in it. Another problem every time we confine her she cries non stop. So we either deal with poop all over the house or non-stop crying. HELP!! My husband is ready to take her back to the shelter.

Answer by Kate
well it depends on how long you kept her in the one room with her litter for. It can take up to a week for a cat to really get the hand of it.

Also it may be an idea to try and change her litter to something else. Sometimes the type of litter can affect how the cat feels about going in it. There is a brand called cat attract which is mean to entice cats to use it. Here is my web page about cat litters etc

Try also moving the tray if it is in an area where they may feel a little worries ie near a washing machine or near the food bowl etc.

best wishes Kate

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