Litter Box trained cat keeps pooping on the floor

by Shawna
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)


My cat keeps pooping on the floor in my bedroom in ONE spot. He knows how to use the litter box and uses it all day. I can't understand why he would do this. I'm getting frustrated. He will wait for me to go to sleep, sneak into my bedroom and poop. Minutes later he would jump up into bed and lay on me with his butt in my face. Did I do something to make him mad?

Answer by Kate
No cats don'tbehave that way ie take revenge if you have upset thgem, it is just not something that they would think of doing they are not petty like humans can be.

Have you cleaned the area very very thouroughly indeed. As even the slightest remaining scent will encourage him to use the spot again. See my page under cat urine about the best way to clean up urine.

Try confining your cat at night in a room with his litter tray for a while to see if the cycle can be broken.

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Cat Defecating on Floor
by: Linda

It’s not that cats are petty like people as Kate said but since they cannot speak to us they get their point across to us about it in their behavior. That behavior is often wonderful like rubbing against us, purring & laying on our lap and allowing us to pet them. But other times when they are feeling ill or unhappy they try to let us know but in less unpleasant ways such as urinating & defecting in inappropriate places. It’s up to us as the responsible loving owners that we are to discover what is wrong with our babies just as we do with our human infants & toddlers.
I usually start with a trip to the vet. Recently one of my four cats - an 11 year old male was acting out by pooping on the floor. He had never done that before. When I took him to the vet he did blood work which was normal. He then asked to do an x-ray which showed 2 very large hairballs. He did eventually pass them after several weeks and some meds but the poor boy was trying to tell me how much pain he was in! They can’t exactly just say I have a tummy ache!!
It’s not always as clear as a vet visit. I was listening to Jackson Galaxy while I waited for my vet visit and he always has some great ideas for any cat problem. Far more than I could ever give.

Litter box cleaner
by: Anonymous

What are you cleaning your litter box with? Use a mild dishwashing soap and water. When I used Lysol or Clorox, my cat would poop on floor. He hates scents. I had three cats do this til I had someone FINALLY figure it out. Good luck!

Change to unscented cat litter also.

Pooing on carpet
by: Keren

Our 7 month old tom cat stopped using his tray it's cleaned regularly and has decided my daughter's carpet is better to poo on he uses the tray at night but only uses it to wee in during the day he is booked in to be done in two weeks his also up to date with working please help and any tips on cleaning to stop him keep going back to the same spot xx

Cat pooping on the floor
by: Ma-chan

Your cat is difinetely protesting about something he doesn't like. When my cat (10Yrs old) pooped on the floor for the first time, it took me a while to figure out but he did not like the "Litter made out of corn". As soon as switched to the regular kind, he started using the litter box again. In the past couple of days, he started pooping again. This time, it was different. He has beein waking me up by meowing loud and persistently in the middle of night despite the fact that his bowl is half full. I ignored him and found poops on the living room floor in the morning. Then I investigated and realized that he has only been eating one of two different cat food mixed in the bowl so I filled up the bowl with the one he usually leaves and bring the bowl to his face. He walked away.....Ah-Ha! He was trying to tell me that he hates that particular kid of cat food.My cat is probably thinking "What took you so long to figure out?"

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