Litter box trouble!!!!!! help please

molly the mama

molly the mama

hello, my cat is 2 years old. She has had her 3rd litter and 3 of the 6 kittens are still here. She has stopped using the litter box well she only pee's in there. I gave the kittens their own and her's has not changed. I dont know what to do i need help.

thank you, chelsea

Answer by Kate
Love the picture

Well it could be that because there are now other cats living in her home (even if they are her kittens) she may feel the need to territory mark more than usual. this kind of marking is known as Middening.

Please see my web page about this issue for more information

You could try the litter training confinement process described on that page, sometimes this process has to be repeated several times 9depending on the severity of her unease) but generally this process helps as it builds their confidence again in their home.

best wishes kate

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by: Animal lover

PLEASE have your cat spayed. It is healthier for her, and she will be happier. The number of cats that have to be euthanized every single day is just heartbreaking! It doesn't sound like you are having too much trouble finding homes for the kittens, but those people could and probably would have gone to a shelter and given a homeless kitty a home. Contributing to the overpopulation of cats is all of our responsiblities.

3rd litter???????
by: Anonymous

Can you please spay your cat?? Are you aware of the millions of cats and kittens that are KILLED each year due to overpopulation??? Please be a responsible pet owner and get her fixed ASAP!!!
If you like kittens to be around, I am sure your local shelter can arrange for you to be a foster for the unfortunate number of kittens still being born. There also should be a low cost spay/neuter place near you, if cost is an issue.
Had to vent...
Thanks for your attention.
Cat-Rescue Mama

Litter box trouble
by: Anonymous

Sometimes urinating outside of box can be a sign that there is something serious going on with your kitty.You should have your cat examined by a vet to make sure she is okay.
I would agree that having multiple cats can cause this problem. As a rule it is suggested to have one box per cat in the household.Cats also prefer unscented litter, and boxes with no hoods, placed in quite locations. Some cats like to urinate in one box, and deficate in another box.

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