litter trained kitten peeing on bed

by Kerri
(Vancouver BC Canada)



we just got a kitten about 3 mths old a few weeks ago. The first 2 and a half weeks have been fine. we have a two year old cat"Ella" already, that has been slowly warming up to our new kitten "Luna". The new Kitten "Luna" is litter trained, so we never saw a problem, but within the last few days she has peed on my daughters bed, and mine, and still using her litter box for pee and poop. i limited where she could go for the last couple days, and just this morning thought i could let her be in the same room with me so i could keep an eye on her. As soon as she came into my daughters room, she jumped on the bed and peed. I caught her, picked her up, rubbed her nose in it a little bit, and put her in her litter box immediatly, and then put her in her kennel for a bit because i had to go pick up my kids from school.

please some advice would be very helpful, and maybe some suggestions why she is doing this. is she marking territory,or???

Answer by Kate
I get asked this question a lot, so don't worry you are not alone.

Basically urine is used to mark territory and also to help make the cat feel more at home by making the home smell more like them.

The cat is not being naught and cannot be punished to stop the behaviour. Basically you have to re train the cat to only use their tray and to prevent access to the areas they have been using. Also anything that has been urinated on has to be very thourouhly cleaned. i also spray with a strong lemon scent on the bed clothes as cats don't like this smell.

Please read my pages about this problem here

best wishes Kate

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Bitsy our beautiful white kitty

Our two year old cat has always used the litter box for both her needs. She has started pooping on the bed, floor or basically where she chooses.
We thought at first she might be constipated, Cause she would start running like a mad woman all around and sometimes shoot a poop as she ran. (this is not a joke) we got the pumpkin for constipation at the pet store. That has not worked.
We love her so very much but my goodness we are at wits end. ANYONE CAN GIVE US GOOD ADVISE??

New Kitten peeing all over house
by: Sarah

I also have a kitten called Luna: very good with litter tray from beginning, but continued to pee on every new room she was introduced to, and on various other soft surfaces that came and went (piles of washing, throw for couch). She was the fourth cat to come into the house so she just needed to make sure everyone understood she was a card-carrying resident and had full rights to be in every place.
It stopped around the five month mark, by which time she had good relationships with other cats and felt very secure.

Bad kitty
by: Anonymous

I’m having the exact same problem as you! He uses the litter for pooping but pees all over my bed and In different spots, I washed sheets 4 times in one day! I live in a studio apartment so I can’t block him off from my room, but when he’s in the kennel he goes in the litter but when I let him out he pees on the bed and I’ve only caught him doing it once he does it when I’m not looking or around but it’s starting to really agitate me, I’m buying detergent like crazy! Idk what to do with him he’s 9 weeks old an adorable little one but I’ve never had this problem before! I’ve had 4 cats none of them did this so it’s not he’s peeing over a marked spot he’s just peeing and ON THE BED! And I can’t cover it with plastic lining or whatever it’s my bed it’s where I chill most of the time I just do t know what to do anymore. The pee is so hard to clean like I’d much rather he pooped on the bed then peed cuz you can’t clean pee, you really can’t. He’s in his kennel right now because he peed in a different spot of the bed again! I just don’t understand he has 2 litter boxes and when I put him in the kennel he meows like crazy and it drives me nuts. His meow is SO LOUD you won’t believe it’s coming out of him. Idk what to do honestly read so many articles and posts none helped he’s stoll going on the bed.

Help needed
by: Anonymous

I’ve had my new female kitten for just over one week, she is only 6-7 weeks old, weighs only 540 grams, teeny little thing, she’s finally started using litter tray, I have 3 trays, one in lounge, bedroom and bathroom. I have another cat who’s 9 months old and a boy. They are getting on well and playing,lol. First new kitty would wee everywhere, I was changing my bed all night, almost in tears. 3 days nothing anywhere but tray, then last night she weed on the bed while in it with me, even though I had just quickly put her in the tray, to try to prevent this happening, it no she did it anyway, cha ged the bedding, got another Donna, came back, that was weed on. Today I’ve Id e nothing but washing, finally put fresh bedding on bed, guess what? Just walked in there, it’s weed on again. I don’t know what to do..she used the tray in lounge for a poo, but then went to bed for a wee..

re:litter trained kitten peeing on bed
by: Anonymous

Thank-you very much for the advice. i will try out the suggestions as well.

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