Little Kitty Mow Mow "Lucky" 3 day old rescue kitten

by Amy
(Tooele UT)

3 days old 3.2oz

3 days old 3.2oz

My husband stopped at the house we had been renting for lunch and realized that he had forgotten to lock the shed up the day prior after mowing the lawn. He went into the shed to make certain nothing was missing when he shined a light in he saw mama with 5 little babies.

The following day we thought we should go over and check on the mom & kittens. When we arrived there was a kitten on the ground outside the shed and mom & the rest of the kittens were gone. My husband thought that the kitten on the ground was dead, my young son did not hear that it was dead and went running to see the kitten and nearly stepped on it.

My husband went to pick it up (we were going to have a small memorial service) when the kitty started screaming. It was so cold and hungry, we quickly went home and warmed the kitty and purchased KMR and began bottle feeding our new baby.

Our little Kitty MowMow is now 3 weeks old and has doubled in weight since its arrival. I have learned so much and we plan to keep our latest addition forever.

Its name (we still don't know the sex) is Kitty MowMow and sometimes we call it Lucky - lucky we went to check on the kittens, lucky my son didn't step on it and lucky that my hubby decided to pick it up for the burial.

I have never owned a Kitten and have always had and still have dogs 3 of them, so we are adding to happy house of 3 kids, 3 dogs, 1 kitten & 3 hermit crabs.

This experience has really changed all of our lives and I'm glad that we are able to care for and love Little Kitty MowMow.

Comment from Kate
great story and what a lucky kitty. i wish you many happy years together.

Little Kitty Mow Mow"Lucky"
by: Tracy

How is your kitty doing? and is it a boy or girl?
Good luck!
by: Anonymous

You are such a good person for taking in this helpless little angel!

Best of luck to you and wishing your kitten a long and happy life!
Little kitty Mow Mow"Lucky"
by: tracy

You are so wonderful! Thank you saving that little kitty! I also have 2 kitties my husband rescued from outside. There are always kitties where I live. I also feed all the stray/feral kitties.

Thank you for sharing your story! The kitty is lucky to have you!

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