little red dots in front of my cats ears

by Sean
(San Diego)

hi, my cat is a little over a year old, and shes been fine. she has been neutered, and had a few different shots but mainly shes indoor. she had fleas but we got rid of them with frontline. time passed and she seemed fine, now she has small red dots like a scab or tiny rash/ irritation right in the front of her ear between her eye and ear( u no that little baldish area in between). i noticed she has been a little quieter lately, but that might have nothing to do with it. i read it could be a food allergy, or stress. im really poor but i will find the money for the vet, trust me, i just wanna no if its something i should be worried about.

Answer by Kate
Hi well it is difficult to say exactly what could be causing it. It may be an allergy but because it is near the ears i am more inclined to say it may have something to do with ear mites. they are very difficult to see and he may be scratching the area which is making the little red blood spots and wearing the fur off. I have a web page about ear mites here for your information

If you are not sure then your only answer is a trip to the vets but it may be worth treating him for ear mites to see if the problem eases.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

Hi, I think it sounds like a fungal infection that I think my cat gets once in a while. Ringworm has nothing to do with worms, (I guess they didn't know that when they named it years ago, but it is circular. I put anti-fungal powder on my cats' and it cleared up. You could Google this. You probably posted this years ago! lol

Little red dots on cat's face
by: Anonymous

I'm applying tea tree oil to sites and it seems to be helping.

Miliary dermatitis (hot spots)
by: Anonymous

I don't know when this was posted (couldn't find the date) and if you attached a picture I couldn't find it but if you never figured it out, I would bet a hundred dollars it's hot spots. My cat got them a few months back. He had fleas and developed a tiny irritated red spot right in the center of his throat. I thought maybe a flea bit him there and he scratched it a bit raw but the next day it was bigger and he had a couple more spots on the back of his neck. About 3 or so days later he had about 7 or 8 different spots and they were HUGE. Red, crusty, they actually LOOKED hot. He could not stop scratching them and they kept bleeding. Constant scratching. There was 3 or so on his neck, 3 or 4 on his face and close to his ears and his neck looked raw from where he couldn't stop scratching. Took him to the vet and they told me it was hot spots, not typically common in cats (seen more in dogs) but that they could still get them due to multiple things. Allergies to fleas, allergies to food and even sensitivity to weather. His was more than likely fleas because I gave him some flea meds after he got his antibiotics and prednisone shot for the itching and they completely cleared within probably about a week and a half to 2 weeks. I've kept him on flea meds ever since then and he's had no issues. Hope this helps some for any possible future breakouts.

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