Lola The Cat

Lola the cat - My name is Mary and this is my cat Lola.

Sex: Female

Age: 2

Lives in: Trinity, USA

Her favourite food is: Lola loves anything.
Since she was born a Feral cat, she is happy to be living in a good home where she has ample food daily.

Felines take great cat photos don't they, look at that face :)

This is what I like doing the best:
She loves playing chase with her house mate Oliver and Timmy Toes. She cant resist a nap in the sunshine at the window.

Her funny habits are: No habits tomention other than being a sweet girl who loves her house mate kittys.

How I found Lola the cat: Lola is a precious kitty who was a VERY feral kitten when I rescued her 2 years ago.

She and her brother "Billy" was quite a handfull trying to socialize them as they would bite, hiss and claw the blood out of me when I tried to handle them.But after 2 years of patience and alot of band-aids , Lola now sleeps on my desk beside my keyboard and is finally a sociable lil lady.
She and Billy was worth it all. NOTE: Billy is Camera shy.

Lola is a sweet but VERY independent little kitty. She is 2 years old and full of spirit for life.
Lola and her littermate brother "Billy" was found in a garage in the winter of 2007 in Michigan.
They was EXTREAMLY FERAL and in poor health.

Lola struggled to survive but once rescued, my daughter and I was determined to work with these 2 little kittens and socialize them no matter the cost and no matter the time it would take.
After many bites and scratches, Billy socialized within the first year but Lola was not so trusting and would get along well with the other cats in our home but would NOT allow us to hold her or even pick her up.

But last week all the hard work that we put into her paid off. She crawled up onto my desk while I was online and stepped down onto my lap and laid down!!!!!

I was shocked and thrilled for it was a long awaited milestone for Lola. 
Most ferals do not ever gain enough trust in humans to allow them this close to them.
Lola and Billy was and IS well worth the wait and all the hard work.

P.S I would like to thank my daughter "Robyn" who shares in my rescue compassion, for all the hard work she put into Lola & Billy in our struggle to save them and give them a normal life.
She bears the scars "literally" for the time and love and effort she put into helping to raise them to the wonderful cats they are today.

Meet My Brother "Billy"

Grettings Cat Lovers
I have mentioned in my story that when I was rescued, my brother Billy was also rescued with me.
My human chose to keep us together and Im glad because I love my brother.
Here is a pic that was taken of me and Billy tonight.
Dont he have beautiful green eyes?
We are happy that we have a rescuer that kept us together.
In tonights pic, we was relaxing in front of our favorite big window where we bird watch. 
It is spring time here in North Carolina and we enjoy watching the birds and squirrels and when the doggies run through the yard we make funny faces at them through the window because we are inside and they cant get us!!! HA HA
Hope you like our picture.
(Billy is on the left and thats me on the right)
Billy is a bit camera shy so when I get a chance to pose with him then I have to take it.
Have a great week everyone and stop by my hut anytime.



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