Losing Fur In Large Clumps

by Darian
(Emmett, MI, United States)



My cat, Amber, is a domestic grey and white shorthair about ten years old now. We got her at about 10 weeks old from the Humane society and she has been a strictly indoor cat ever since.

She does, however, suffer from constant ear infections and we try to stay on top of those as best as possible. She is spayed and declawed in front and back. She is not a friendly cat to strangers.

She constantly screams but loves to sit in your lap. Over the past year we have noticed the fur around her neck has been coming out in clumps. We didn't think much of it because there arent any bald spots or inflamation. Recently though the hair clumps have spread to her shoulders and upper back. They dont seem to cause discomfort but they make her look ragged and out of place. Is this normal?? Please help!

Answer by Kate
No this is not normal and it sounds to me like she may be having an allergic reaction to something, Collar, flea bites or some other skin allergy.

Your vet will be able to do skin scrapes etc to see if their is a skin/parasite problem. the loss of fur is probably your cat scratching it out wehen you are not looking which could mean that she has some discomfort etc. A trip to the vets soon is probably the best option.

Lovely looking cat, i love the tuxedo look.

best wishes and a Happy New year


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