Lost cat - will they come home again?


I would like to know the chances of a cat coming back home. Its been two days. I call him every chance that I can and I always leave food outside. Is there anything else that I should be doing. By the way my cat is sprayed. I am very worried...

My cat goes outside daily so the outside world is not new to him, I just don't know why he hasn't come back home.

Answer by kate
All i can say is that my sisters cat went missing for 9 days after only being brought home for one day so he didn't know the family that well or the area or the house, but he still came back. My own cat went missing for three days and came back (completely dirty i just don't know what she had been up to). All i can say is that if you have given a cat a good comfortable safe home, why wouldn't they come back? cats like to explore their territory, they will alwasy remain essentially wild animals so they have to do their wild things from time to time.
Don't worry too much, make sure you call him everyday and leave food for him outside, but if he can i'm sure he will return soon.
Best wishes

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my boy came home
by: kerry

I posted on here quite a long time ago about my ginger tabby going missing when he was a kitten, and I forgot to update it, I did eventually get my cat back after 3 months of him been missing, as it was close to christmas at the time, we wrecken curiosty got the better of him, and that he may have hitched a ride when the van and stuff were making deliveries over xmas, and it turned out that he was a mile away from us. but those 3 months of him not been around were agony, and now he doesnt venture far at all, and it's been a couple of years now since we have had him back. so there is still lots of hope for others..xx

Thats great news and thank you so much for letting us know. Your story will give others hope.

thank you


cat come home
by: Anonymous

My cat went missing for two months and recently came home just fine, if not a bit on the skinny side.

missing cat
by: kerry

my ginger tabby cat has now been missing for 3 weeks, and i dont think he will be home now. i just wish i knew where he was. or what happened to him, as i miss him deeply. he was only 7 months old, and he never ventured far from the house, so i dont understand why he has just vannished off the face of the earth, i have put up posters, i have called on him,ive asked neighbours, you name it i have done it. he is also microchipped. but i fear the worst. will my little boy come back now.

answer by kate
have you also checked with local animal shelters?

being only 7 months old he may have been adopted by someone else thinking hes such a cute kitty. they may not have seen your signs as he may have wandered off quite far.
don't give up hope just yet. keep posting in your local free paper, newsagents, etc

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