lost white kitty

by jim

a small white cat walked on to our property . It has kind of a fat tummy. I don't know if its pregnant or just had kittens. I fed it for a couple days. it was really hungry. now it goes into our garage and hangs around our front door & our rear deck under our master bedroom. the problem is it now meows all day & all night.it has quite a long drawn out meow & its starting to become very bothersome. My son, Michael, picked it up & petted it. He was the only one who could get close to it at first. no one else has tried since.what do we do?

Not sure what you are asking.

If you are feeding it or have fed it and are also petting it then you are giving the signal to the cat that you are prepared to look after it. unfortunately there is no half way house.

the meowing is probably to get your attention and for more food. This is normal behavior for a cat who is hungry and looking for a home. Sounds to me like this cat may have previously had a home and is not feral so she will be feeling very anxious.

Your decision is to either adopt this cat and this means take it in feed it regularly etc, once the cat is no longer hungry or anxious the meowing should not be so constant. Or to take her to an animal shelter yo see if they can re-home her.

Apart from that i'm afraid there is not a lot else you can do.

best wishes akte

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