loud meowing all of a sudden

by Kayla
(south carolina)

My siamese cat recently got out of the house and i couldn't find him for two days. When i brought him back in the house,all he does is meow! All day. He also trys to sit on me every chance he get's, whether its to groom or to just lay there! why is he doing this all of a sudden? I also have another question. Ever since i adopted him, he poops on the floor right next to the litter box, even if there is just a little pee in it. He also just started to pee in the tub! Whats wrong? or what can i do? please help??

Answer by Kate
Hi well i don't know if the two problems are related or not. It is often difficult to say. urination etc outside the box is either an indication of illness or a behavior issue to do with feeling stressed or worried and is an attempt to scent mark the house to make him feel more secure in his own home. if you think it is not illness then it may have something to do with going outside. he may have come across other cats or even just smelt their scents. this has made him anxious and he is trying the comfort himself as well as reaffirming his own territory. the meowing may also be a sign of this too and he is seeing extra attention and comfort from you.

If you see no other indications of ill health ie loss of appetite signs of pain etc (if unsure then a visit to the vets is never a bad idea) then I would say that your cat is showing signs of stress and insecurity. In which case a little cat litter training using the confinement method should help as it will help him to regain his confidence again. the process is described at the bottom of this page here


best wishes Kate

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