Love at first sight - A Cat Rescue Story

by Tristan

It was a stormy night at the apartment complex were I lived. It was in the middle of the night my mom,sister and me were up watching a scary movie just for fun. We had our door open just a crack to cool down the place. Then right in the middle of one of the intense scenes a faint meow came from our open door. My sister screamed and flew up in the air, scaring the poor thing, I take off down the sidewalk after her and brought her inside by this time we were both sopping wet!

From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I was completely head over heels in love. She was black and white she was beautiful. I found out who her owner were they had named her Kiki. She came back to our house everyday and I alway shared my dinner with her. Then the family who had owned her kicked her out! They also got arrested for drugs. Then the abuse started from the others apartments she also lost her litter of kittens.

Then I find out we're moving away to another state to be closer to my dad so I beg my parents if we could keep her and they said "YES!".

By that time my sister got a Boarder collie/Australian Shepard puppy then I got a grey kitten from my cousin. We already had a 2 year old cat Bandit so one early morning we packed up and left with all the animals Kiki and Bandit safely in carriers, Kiki was pregnant again. Coop was in the back seat with my sister and Deronimo the kitten my cousin gave me was in my lap fast asleep. We got there and everything was going good Kiki had 7 kittens and then a litter of 5 and that time I officially became our family's Crazy Cat Lady. We got her spayed and everything was going good it was my birthday and Kiki would not leave my side then the next day she was gone.

Don't know why, where or how. I never saw her again it felt like I lost my best friend and I'm still hoping and preying she will return home again.

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