Love is...Adoption - Cat Photo Contest Feb 2013

by Melody
(Twentynine Palms CA, USA)

Gretchen and Grayson my cats

Gretchen and Grayson my cats

Gretchen and Grayson are my two adopted shelter cats. Gretchen, my female lynx-point Siamese on the left of the photo, was adopted 7 years ago, and is now 8 years old. Grayson, the fluffy darling on the right, I adopted shortly before Thanksgiving last year and he is now 10 months old. They both captured my heart right away, but it wasn't love at first sight for them when they met.

Gretchen was accustomed to being the only cat for such a long time, it was naturally a big adjustment for her learning to share "her" home with a new feline family member. She made it clear she was unhappy with the "intruder" in the beginning and although Grayson tried his best to be friendly, Gretchen wasn't having it.

Gradually, the fighting turned to into more playfulness and now Grayson has slowly, but surely been charming his way into Gretchen's heart. While still having their occasional territorial battles, they play together, bathe each other and sleep on the bed together. I think we're on course now towards becoming one happy family!

Feb 05, 2013
Cutie Pies!
by: Anonymous

It is obvious that love will prevail!
Feb 05, 2013
Beyond cute
by: Anonymous

Gretchen's Beautiful and Grayson is Handsome so, they are both beyond cute. They look so relaxed together. A nice adoption story as well.

Comment from Kate
What a stunning pair of cats. I have always wanted to have a grey cat like this. The colour is so rare where i live and they look so cuddly.

Great picture too. I wish my two cats would sit that close to each other. They used to when they were kittens but not any more. Now I'm lucky if they sit in the same room as each other.

Anyway good luck with the competition, I'm sure this picture is in with a good chance.

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