Love sick Tom or Abandoned Kittie?

by Ashleigh


My boyfriend and I have recently moved into a new garden flat. I had noticed that a specific cat was coming to the back door most days and didn't think anything of it because one of our own has been on heat and has spent most of her time calling out for a lover since moving in!

Then after several weeks we let our two cats out and this random tom tried to mate with our randy kittie. I think he failed - he just couldn't seem to get his positioning right and now he won't leave! He sits by our back door and meows. It seems like he didn't leave for the rest of the day and night.

Why do you think this is? Could he be love sick, or embarrassed he couldn't perform or could he possibly have been abandoned my the previous tenant?

Please help us if you can. We would really like him to leave!

Thank you

Ashley, you must remember this is a cat and they are driven by instinct and hormones. They don't have the same emotions as we do i.e embarrassment, jealousy etc.

the reason this cat remains is because your cat is in heat and as long as this is the case he will want the chance to mate again and again and again if he gets the chance.

Have you considered having your cats spayed? This not only benefits the cat health wise but also the wider cat community of which there are thousands of unwanted kittens looking for homes etc. It would of course stop randy toms coming a calling :)

best wishes kate

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