Lucky - Cat Rescue Story

by Lindsay

I was at a local market in a small South Dakota town a few years back. It was a sweltering summer day, the store was busy and as I was walking back to the car with my items in hand, as I heard a pitiful wailing meow coming from somewhere nearby. My eyes darted until I saw a tiny black dot darting back and forth from car to car. I thought at first that maybe the kitten had gotten away from its owner when they exited their vehicle. But no, as I ran after the tiny kitten, I realized that every single person, man, women, and child just kept on walking, paying no attention to the desperate, screaming baby at their feet. It seemed like they didn't care. I realize that some farming communities are numb to stray animals, or animals in-need, but "come on", I screamed in my head! I finally caught the kitten by the loose skin on the back of his neck, afraid it may bite and scratch until I dropped it (which I didn't want to do until I got it in the car). I opened the passenger side door and sat the kitten down on the seat so I could run back into the store and get some cat food. I returned with a small bag and can of kitten chow and, keeping and eye on his whereabouts, I got into the drivers seat. He crawled under the seat for about 10min, then I was able to coax him out with baby voice talk and a handful of hard kitten food. He was clearly starving and very friendly. When he was done chowing down, he started to purr and fearlessly crawled onto my lap. He stared at me for the longest time, right into my eyes, (which I have never experienced from a cat before, it was like he was saying "thank you" and maybe even "I love you"), and then he fell asleep. I took him home that day and have had him ever since, its now been 4 years. Lucky sleeps on my pillow every night, gives me

"love nips" on my nose, and he still stares into my eyes every day just like the day I rescued him. He is one of the most affectionate animals I have ever had the pleasure to befriend and save. I named him Lucky because he also got very sick a couple of months after the rescue and almost didn't make it. I wish that everyone could see cats in the light that I do. They deserve more than what they get from humans.

We are Lucky too!
by: Anonymous

I love cats!!!
by: Debbie

I loved your heart warming story. So many people would not hesitate to rescue a dog in this situation, but cats seem to go unnoticed. I do love dogs but have had rescued cats all my life. They are compassionate and just want to be loved.? It breaks my heart that so many animals are neglected. You and I and people like us are the fortunate ones to have these beautiful cats in our lives. My cat is the only one who understands me and more importantly, never judges me. God Bless you!!!!!
Lucky You Two
by: Karen


Reading your story brought tears...thanks for sharing. We have a rescue from the shelter (Angel) who has been with us for over a year.
She loves to sleep on our bed and often climbs up on me looking deep into my eyes. A wonderful heart healing takes place. She can reach into those hard wounded places no one else dare go.
Lucky-Rescue story
by: tracy

Thank you for sharing your story! You are wonderful for rescuing that kitty that day. I also have 2 rescue cats. My husband caught both cats outside our apartment building. Bootsie is a male and is 3 and Bonnie is about 10 months old now and she is a female. They are both tiger tabbies and loves soooo much. I wish I could take all of them in. I also feed all the stray/feral cats. I love them all!
You are very kind!
by: Anonymous

What a nice story! Blessings to you and to Lucky!

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