Lucky day For A Little Calico Cat

by Aileen
(New York )

Mina our rescue cat

Mina our rescue cat

It was a cold night at the animal control and care and it was crowded. My mom and I were waiting to approach the desk, we were here to find a perfect companion and hunter. We had been looking at different kittens and cats for months but still had not found one.

After a half hour or so we were just about to get to the front of the line when the doors opened, letting in a cold breeze.

In came a man with a large box and he headed straight towards the desk. We kept trying to figure out what was in the box when a little calico kitten poked its head out of the box, inside from the box came a little meow.

The man claimed he found the kittens and could not take care of them, when the person at the desk told him that it was past hours he immediately threatened to abandon the kittens out in the cold streets.

My mom instantly claimed the kittens and we took them home. One was a black male with a white chest and paws and the other a female calico.

Unfortunately when we took the kittens to the vet the next day, the male was said to have rabies and was put down. The female grieved for a week for her dead brother. We named her lucky at first, but ended up calling her Mina.

She was playful and smart, and protective us. She eventually had kittens who we found good homes for. Today it has been 3 years and she is spayed and healthy. Mina likes to cuddle and nap. She can get into arguments with us and she is sassy. But she is family and we love her. :)

Great story. It was definitely lucky that you were there at the right time, otherwise who knows what would have happened to your little calico.

Thank goodness the female didn't have rabies too. I live in the UK and we don't have rabies here, but I can imagine that it must be very worrying to live somewhere where this illness still exists. I assume there is a vaccination that you have given to your cat to protect her in the future from this horrible disease.

Thank you for submitting your story.

Best wishes Kate

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