Lucky seven Cats

by Doris

Hi there, Me and my partner have seven cats - one male, six female, all neutered or speyed, microchipped etc. And we werent even planning on one.....

Fleur came first, he was a jet black tiny four week old kitten rescued by a friend from being used as dog bait by dog fighters. He was tiny and dainty and needed a mother, well a stray female was taken to our vets, she was pregnant and her kittens were born dead. We wondered if she would adopt Fleur,so we went and collected her, shes a lovely little silver grey tabby, we named her Rosie, she loved Fleur from the start so shes stayed with us.

We decided that two cats were enough. Then an elderly man I knew died leaving his five month old cat, his dying words to me were keep 0rchid. So 0rchid moved in, she was a five month old tabby and white ragdoll cross, and is huge. We decided three were enough.

Then one night at ten o clock a neighbour brought us a black kitten she had found round the bins in the rain, she couldnt keep it as it was afraid of her children, so Pritti girl moved in, she probably came from the farm accross the way as she was a spitting hissing furball at first, until 0rchid decided to wash her and adopt her one evening. We decided four were enough.

Then we heard about this poor little tortie
kitten that was being abused, swung by its legs and thrown about because the owners boyfriend said it was ugly. 0bviously I staged a rescue, and rescued the most beautiful tortie kitten ever, her names now Fae Honeybee, shes partially sighted but it doesnt bother her, and 0rchid has adopted her too. We decided five was enough.

Then my friend who does rescue told us about this little cat who no one wanted as she has stunted growth, shes black and white and weve named her Mia-kit. We decided six was more than enough.

Then on July 10th we rescued this poor persian, shes five and a half, already had six litters and when she wasnt breeding she was just left out in the street, all matted, and kids were throwing stones at her and kicking her. She didnt have a name, just cat. Her names Topaz now, shes grey and cream.

So, thats our family, Fleur is now three years old, Rosie is about four, 0rchid will be two on August 23rd, Pritti-girl is about a year old, Fae will be a year old in 0ctober, Mia is five months old and like I said Topaz is five and a half. Ill tell more about them in another post if anyone would like to hear, bye for now, Doris

Comment by kate
What a great story Doris, yes I would love to hear more about them and I'm sure everyone else would too. keep in touch.

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