Lucy Lovely A Cat Rescue Story

by Kasey
(Johnstown, PA)

Lucy lovely and her babies

Lucy lovely and her babies

I have never considered myself a cat person, but I am an animal lover. I always felt cats were aloof and not very people oriented.

Lucy's story starts like this. I looked out my window one Autumn 2007 day to see a small black and white cat curled up in the leaves trying to keep warm. She was thin and I felt sorry for her. The next day I purchased some cheap dry cat food. When I looked out the window, sure enough, there was the small frail cat laying in the leaves trying to keep warm.

I filled up a bowl of food and went outside. As soon as she saw me, the dear little thing, she hissed and ran. I realized she was feral and I thought that I could keep her fed but that would be the extent of our relationship. I sat the food down and left.

The following day , as I took my 6 dogs out side, I saw that the dish was empty so I filled it back up. And so day after day that's what I did. Sometimes I could see her out the window eating the food. She started to know the routine as to when I would leave the food out and when it was safe to eat.

As winter approached I started to slowly move the dish closer the porch. I DO NOT like cats but I certainly didn't want to see her freeze. As the snow started to fall, I would walk out side onto my porch and she would run. Yes, she started to sleep on my porch.

So, I DO NOT like cats but I put a blanket down for her so she would not get too cold. The winter was harsh. Very low temps, Lots of snow. I DO NOT like cats but I was a little concerned when I did not see the little thing for a few days.

Then after a snow storm, I had my dogs out, I could her loud MEOWS coming from under the porch. I looked and looked. Between wood boards under the porch I saw 2 great big green eyes looking at me frantically. I picked up one of the boards ( she had apparently gotten stuck) and she ran. She looked back once as to say "thank you" and left. We continued our " I will feed you
but not get too close" relationship throughout the winter and the first part of spring.

As the weather got nice a miracle happened. This little cat started to come up on the porch while I was sitting out there. I was not permitted to touch her but she would play with bugs and eat while I was there. I DO NOT like cats but I bought her a toy mouse to play with and she loved it.

As time went on I would give her treats and she would come close but I was not permitted to touch her. As days went by she actually started to eat the treats out of my hand!!!!!!!!!! And then the day came when my bad little kitty started to bite at my hands (lovey bites) I decided to call her Lucy ( for Lucifer) cause she was such a little devil cat.

Well to make a long story shorter, my Lucy would come every day and purr around my feet, letting me love and pet her. She grew to love my dogs too, playfully ambushing them as they walked by the bushes she was hiding in. She would purr and let me rub her belly. She was very happy with her family. She would let me rub her belly often and purr loudly.

As Autumn approached again I noticed my little Lucy's belly was getting bigger. Ut oh kittens. Then on September 12, 2008 my little Lucy looked up at me very distressed. I told my husband that I thought she was in labor. She allowed me, well actually demanded, that I stay with her throughout her birthing of 4 beautiful babies. We put her in a box outside. I kept checking on the little ones I helped her bring into the world. I was fearful because of the many wild animals in my area(raccoons, lots of wild cats) I brought Lucy and her babies inside.

She purred and was very happy to be safe. I am going to get my Lucy fixed and find her babies wonderful homes. I learned a lot through my experience. My Lucy loves and trusts me unconditionally. She lets me handle her and her babies without any fear. She learned to love humans and I learned to love cats.

Comment bt Kate
What a fantastic story. thank you for sharing that with us all. I love a happy ending. :)

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