Lump under cats tail

by Catherine Price
(Poole, Dorset, England)

Hello there I have 17 week old black oriental boy. I have come home from work this evening and when I picked him up to stroke him, I noticed that he now has a solid lump at the base underneath of his tail about 1 inch away from the top of his anus. I have never noticed this before and certainly would have picked up on it when I purchased him any indication on what it could be??

I do have a red point siamese, bi colour siamese and a bi colour oriental they do play an awful lot and sometimes quite rough at times do you think he could have fallen whilst playing with the others??

Answer by Kate
Umm well not being a vet myself I wouldn't like to try and diagnose what it could be. you may be right, and it is a scratch which has become infected. However it may also have something to do with his glands. I know that some oriental breeds do have more issues with their anal glands and need them drained occasionally.

Either way I'm sure that the vet will be able to diagnose the issue easily and be able to advise you accordingly.

best wishes and I hope all is well soon.


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by: Anonymous

hiya ,yes ,thankyou for your help, i decided to take him to the vet today as i was so worried, it didnt seem to bother him that much but i know it was sore to the touch as he meowed when i touched it, and so we found he has broken the tail....some how god knows what he did though!! and so he is on anti-inflamitorys and pain killers ,my poor little baby boy, dont have a clue how he did this as my home is pretty cat friendly and they are house cats , i just hope it heals properly as the tail my have to be amputated if the nervs are damaged!!! oh no..and i so wanted to show how beautifull he was at a cat sho too!, he would defo be placed. fingers crossed he will be ok soon.katt

Comment by Kate
Glad you found out what was wrong. it does sound strange though. I wonder how he broke his tail.

Fingers crossed all will be well soon.

best wishes Kate

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